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8 holiday survival tips for every locum traveler AKA how to stay sane in a heavy travel season

Posted by Everett Fitch

The nature of locum tenens makes frequent fliers of us all, but sometimes the holidays have a way of making travel less than joyful. Stick to these tips and you just might stay sane.

Get a few extra workouts in before you travel. It can help you adjust to being sedentary on the long flights. It can also boost your immune system, help with circulation and aid digestion, but you knew that.

Give yourself plenty of time. You probably know this, too, but the holiday season means more people. Allow for traffic jams and slow-moving security lines as you plan the prerequisite two hours before boarding time.

Taking kids? Prepare them for potential pat downs at security, especially if they haven’t traveled before. On the same token, reassure them that you’ll be okay if you’re pulled aside for a pat down yourself.

 Keep extra essential medication in your carry-on. More people at the airports and the likelihood for delayed or lost luggage are directly related!

Know the 3-1-1 liquids rule? If not, here it is straight from the horse's (TSA's) mouth: "Liquids, gels, aerosols, creams and pastes must be 3.4 ounces or less per container; must be in 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin." Oh, and keep in mind, this rule applies to gifts, too. Jams, jellies, sauces, syrups...yep, they’re all subject.

Take some snacks and water. There’s nothing worse than being cranky at an airport because you’re hungry or dehydrated. Or worse, having cranky-hungry-dehydrated kids.

Be wise about what you take with you. Although gifts and bulkier winter clothes are a must during the season, you'll avoid pricey baggage fees if you take time to ship the big gift, or if you leave behind the big coat. Plus, lugging heavy jackets and bags through crowds might make you less jolly.

Last but not least, always be courteous to airline workers and fellow travelers. You don’t have to kill them with kindness, but don’t be the bad-tempered traveler either.

Remember, some of the best holiday stories often come from the worst holiday experiences. The extremely chummy (AKA talkative) person next to you on the plane; the sprint to a missed connection; the gift you wrapped beautifully only to have security tear into. They all make for great stories, but hey, that’s what holiday traditions are all about, right?

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Don't let state licensing bring you down

Posted by Everett Fitch

Getting a state license can be quite the process. It’s not only a lot of stress. It’s a lot of time, too. Depending on the state, you’re looking at anywhere from a few weeks to a few months until you’ve got your hands on one. You’re also looking at a few weeks or a few months until you can practice medicine where you want. Locum tenens doctors face this concern quite a bit.

Obtaining a brand-new license and memorization of each respective state’s guidelines takes a lot of effort. With all the hurdles and hard-fought processes that come along with securing a state license you might be stuck with no license or even a lapsed license. What’s the fallout? You’re missing out on awesome locum tenens opportunities left and right.

The bottom line, time is precious—especially in a doctor’s world. In the grand scope, patient care should be paramount instead of processes. Sometimes the latter gets in the way of performing the former. If you spent less time securing and/or renewing licenses (and all the rigmarole that goes along with it) then a lot more of your time could be spent enjoying the practice of medicine.

Let’s say there’s an opportunity in California you really want three or four months from now. You might think that license will take a minimum of six months. All sorts of i’s need to be dotted and t’s crossed. Sounds nearly impossible, right? Wrong. We've helped motivated physicians license in California in as little as three or four months and take the opportunity they wanted, when they wanted.

Other states like Oregon and Texas require even more in-depth information. If you have a diverse practice history then requesting and obtaining those verifications can be very time consuming. Still, we're known to cut time and costs so you can focus on what's really important. In other words, keep working your current position while we help you obtain a license for your next positionand your next and your next and your next.

You’ve probably heard us mention over the years that, “For a short commitment, we’ll walk you through the licensing process and even pay the costs.” That’s the truth. We handle it all so you can enjoy practicing in the present; so you don’t have to be burdened by the worry of state licensure.

Are you currently working on the West Coast and want to obtain a license on the East? We can make that happen. Again, for a short commitment, we’ll license you anywhere.

Let us help you practice not only when you want but where you want, too. Don’t limit yourself. Take that opportunity in Alaska or Hawaii you were really excited for. We’re experts in state licensing. In fact, we have a resident expert on hand any time you’re in need. Have state-by-state questions? Click here to meet Andrea. Then ask her a question by phone, email or the click of a button (right next to her bio). She knows everything there is to know about what it takes to get a licensein all 50 states. She'll check to see that you meet the minimum requirements for licensure upfront, pre-populate your paperwork, send out all verifications and follow up with the board and verifying entities to ensure your license is secured as quickly as possible.

Want more information on what it takes to locum stateside? Visit our Ask an Expert page, too.

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Locum like never before with our better, faster, stronger website

Posted by Everett Fitch

This post might not seem nearly as exciting as our other ones. We won’t be talking about awe-inspiring terrain in New Zealand, or brilliant expeditions in Alaska. But, we assure you, this post is very exciting.


Well, we’ve launched three new features on our website you’ll be very excited to hear about. And we never officially blog-announced our website when we launched it earlier this year, either. Don’t worry, nothing’s changed in our philosophy. We’ve always strived to bring you the best locum tenens experience every step of the way—and we’ll continue to do so. We’ve only improved the way you experience us. We’ve made our site better, faster, stronger and prettier than ever before.

These updates will not only help guide you more seamlessly in learning about locum tenens; they’ll help you on your way to finding your next overseas or close-to-home assignment better than ever. We officially welcome you to our fresh new look! Without further ado, here are our new features, too:


Just like our international destinations, we’ve now added beautiful pictures and awesome info for every state in the union. In other words, you’re now able to search the United States for a locum tenens opportunity in style. Find a stateside opening now.


Time is precious. Sometimes you don’t have time to pick up the phone. Sometimes you don’t have time to even open your email. That’s why we’ve introduced our Ask a Question feature. Do you have questions about what it takes to locum overseas or stateside? We can help—any time. Just click the Ask a Question button on almost every page of this site and ask away.


Our website now adapts to fit whatever device/screen you’re using. There’s a technical term for this. It’s called responsive design. All you need to know is this gives you the easiest, best experience possible while searching our site. Go on, pick up your tablet or phone and type in our web address.

It all sounds easy and painless, right? Just the way we like it. Remember, there’s a world of adventure and exciting medicine out there. You’re welcome to find it on our new and improved gmedical.com.

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Only one word can describe New Zealand and that word is...

Posted by Everett Fitch

Coast to coast, north to south, island to island, New Zealand has it made. Somehow, perfect boundaries have been set; the most ideal lines have been drawn. Everyone who lives here has an ocean of fascinating country and culture that’s unparalleled. So many people call this brilliant land home yet so many don’t get to explore its vast expanse unflinchingly. Shocking, I know. Still, many more than that have never visited at all. They’ve never stepped foot on this volcanic, beachy, glacial, rainforesty country. It’s time that changes. It’s time for those who haven’t been to make their way. In fact, to do whatever they must to make their way. Unspoiled scenery is waiting. Right along with those “this is the way life should be” epiphanies.

Few words exist to describe New Zealand with due respect. I can only think of one off the top of my head that describes it perfectly. It’s a word that won’t leave your mind while you’re here. Literally—not a peep will leave your lips. Because you’ll be so stricken with awe, so overcome by rolling waves of soft earth, so exhausted mentally from the idyllic explosion happening before your eyes that you won’t be able to garner enough mental capacity to make those choice syllables move from mind to mouth. New Zealand is simply and utterly…surreal. And here’s the most surreal out of all the surreal in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Milford Sound (South Island)

Lauded short-story writer and novelist Rudyard Kipling stepped foot here once or twice. Every time he left, he swore Milford Sound worthy of being “the eighth wonder of the world.” Not much more can be said. Take his word for it.

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So long "Lower 48" and thanks for all the traffic jams

Posted by Everett Fitch

Alaska’s unique. It’s also intimidating, eclectic, striking, gorgeous and awesome (in the truest sense of the word). And not solely for its landscape—for its people, too. I’m sure it’s because of the spoils travelers come and locals stay. You’ll find all stripes here. Drifters, dreamers and pioneers populate this wild unknown. Why? They’ve been drawn to these shores where nature and culture are inextricable. They’ve found miles of labyrinthine forest and tundra; golden towns filled with onion-domed churches; groves marked with totem poles; and swells of wildlife dancing around boomtown architecture. Imagine…all that’s just a taste of this vast expanse. Actually, to be exact, that’s just a taste of some 663,268 square miles. Jump-start your locum tenens adventure in the Last Frontier with this region-by-region, life-list-worthy guide.

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Texas is the reason to locum

Posted by Everett Fitch

When you hear “Texas”—if you’re an out-of-towner—you probably think Old West and big sky, right? You wouldn’t be wrong to think that. That stuff still reigns. Rodeos are alive and museums, well, a lot are dedicated to legendary outlaws. Plus, no other place in the U.S. has as pretty a sky as ol’ Texas (arguably). It’s a wild blue yonder by day and a big-and-bright diamond canopy by night. Some things never change.

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Locum in the land of giants: Or, of mystical coast and titanic trees

Posted by Everett Fitch

We all remember road trips as kids. Some of us grew up in wood-bodied station wagons and RVs traveling coast to coast in iconic, national-park America. From Yellowstone on the West to Acadia on the East, there was nary a soul who didn’t venture to at least one of the greats.

Still, it’s hard to make it to every last park. The few that I missed out on growing up were the grand and glorious national and state parks dedicated to the California redwoods. I simply didn’t get the chance…until recently.

Before I get to these goliaths let me impress upon you the beauty of the road trip itself. At some point in your life, it’s a must to head down this stretch of California coast. In fact, go out of your way to make this happen. Why? Well, let me paint the picture. There are endless streams of clouds covering the sea. Underneath those big whites are cliffs and bridges and mountains and beaches. And while you’re barreling down that quintessential U.S. Highway 101, those very same clouds make it look like you’re on top of the world. Believe me, other motorists are just as mesmerized.

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