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Retired doctor sets sail in Caribbean, but locum winds blow him to New Zealand

Posted by Jesse Black

Nowhere in Dr. Leonard Bentch's CV does it mention his knack for writing, but his talents extend well beyond Internal Medicine. A retired physician, Dr. Bentch was sailing the Caribbean when he received a call that took him on a six-month locum adventure with his wife, Sue. He recently put his many remembrances to paper, and we're proud to present the first of three installments here.

Twenty miles off the Coast of Martinique Island in the Caribbean, at the beginning of a two-month sail of the Windward Islands and the Grenadines, we recieved a phone call on a cell phone we'd brought along in case of emergencies. We did not expect to hear the voice of a Global Medical recruiter on the other line, but there they were, asking if we'd be interested in a six-month locum position in New Zealand. Recently retired from active practice, I'd forgotten that I'd completed a GMS application several months earlier. I looked at my wife; we smiled, and quickly concurred.

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