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Locum tenens doctor 'tossed by the wind' in New Zealand & Oz

Posted by Saralynn White

Dr. Steven Vilter's passion for the Land Down Under
is evident in the photos he takes and the stories that accompany them.
Here's his latest dispatch:

Hello Everyone!

We finally made it out to Tiri Tiri Matangi Island (an open nature and conservation reserve), which has been cleared off and grazed for 130 years. The expectation was that the native bush on the island would regenerate, but by the mid-80's it became evident that wasn't happening. A grassroots campaign to replant the island and clear it of pests ensued. Now, several endangered species have been reintroduced and are thriving,
and this peace of heaven has been declared pest free. (Note: Tiri Tiri is a Maori name that means "tossed by the wind" and the mythology says the island is a remnant of an ancestral fishing net.)

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