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Little known ways to discourage a water buffalo and other tips from a rural Aussie locum

Posted by Saralynn White

Written by Neville Wilson, MD 

"Sitting here in grey, cold and sun-forsaken Ireland, I miss the contrasting weather of Gove (Australia) - predictably warm and sultry, with an occasional evening storm, but always pleasant and bearable. The Gove nights could be humid at times, but relief was provided by the large rotating fans suspended from the ceiling in each bedroom. Not to mention the good, refreshing Ozzie beer!
I have been thinking of those wonderful days spent at Gove and wondering what it would be like to go back for another experience! We were often on the beach in the evenings after work, and had to keep a watchful eye as "salties" (salt-water crocs) often roamed the beach in search of a delicacy! Sitting on the rocks and watching the sun slowly sink below the wide expanse of endless blue ocean was a rare treat, and the "barbies" (barbecues) on the beach that followed marked the perfect ending to so many perfect days.

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