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3 reasons Western Nevada will tickle your locum tenens ribs

Posted by Jesse Black

Nestled in the Truckee Meadows of Western Nevada, you'll find the best ribs in the world; produce that's been freshly plucked from the fields; and cars that are cherry for cruising.

Every year, thousands gather here to light up their barbeque pits and pray that the Rib Gods smile down upon their richly seasoned, marinated racks of pork and beef. The Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off is not only a great gastronimic feast, it's one of the largest rib competitions in the world. And it's FREE! Now there's a word we don't hear nearly enough.

The event kicks off with the Annual Rib Eating Contest, and the International Federation of Competitive Eating always joins in. Last year's winner ate nearly 6 pounds of ribs! Can you say antacids? For those of us who simply want to taste the ribs, step into the rib tent and don't forget to don a bib. Add music and other festivities, and this man vs. food gorgefest is the must-attend affair of the summer season.

If the ribs are sitting too heavy, get yourself to the Annual Hometowne Farmer's Market and pick up some fresh-picked, flavorful produce from the Reno/Tahoe area's finest growers. Grapes, tomatoes, lettuce, limes, even fresh flowers, ice cream, and more. Snatch some up to the beat of street music, run through some cooling fountains, then get in your truck and head to our last summertime trifecta with hotrods.

Hot August Nights brings the roar of the engine, and tons of steel, chrome, and rubber to the area annually. More than 80,000 people ride in for the rock 'n roll, outdoor concerts, the Big Boy Toy Store, and the world's largest cruise and shine-in (it's a hotrod thing, and please don't put your feet on the plush patent leather).

So come locum in Western Nevada! There's a lot to enjoy in this neck of the woods, just keep some moist finger towels and a chamois at the ready.

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