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7 key ways GMS is different from other staffing agencies

Posted by Kari Redfield


With all of the choices available, knowing how to choose the right locum tenens company can be a challenge. What makes one staffing agency different from the others? At Global Medical Staffing, it starts with the people, says Tyler Black, GMS president. “What makes us unique is the relationship our recruiters have with physicians and our outstanding employees. Our employees are engaged. They stick around. They’re passionate about their jobs and the physicians we work with, and that’s creates close, personal relationships with physicians.”

But it doesn’t end there. Here are seven reasons to consider Global Medical Staffing for your next locums assignment.

1. We started the company to cater to international assignments 

This year we celebrate our 25th year in business, so we’re the experts in international locums. “We’ve placed thousands of physicians in New Zealand, for example,” Black says. “That deep experience benefits our physicians.”

2. We're the only U.S. firm to do international assignments

We’re headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, so we understand U.S. physicians. We understand their needs and expectations, and know the assurances they’ll want before going to a country and healthcare facility they’ve never seen.

“It’s a big jump to move from North Carolina, for instance, or anywhere in the U.S., to New Zealand for a year,” Black says. “We have the ability to be the experts in this pathway for physicians into the international healthcare world. We make that experience as seamless and positive as possible. There is a lot that goes into it, including team members having specific roles in our organization, all with expertise.”

3. We have a boutique feel with big company backing

GMS-employee-desk“Our family feel is the core of our culture,” Black says. “It’s the basis of our company providing a unique and quality experience for our physicians, especially in the international space. We’re small enough to care but have the experience, horsepower and knowledge to deliver.” GMS is also part of the CHG Healthcare family, which mean we have the backing and support of one of the largest healthcare staffing companies in the U.S.

Each physician has a GMS recruiter to paint the picture of the culture and of the business setting. We have partners who have expertise in housing to set up accommodations for our physicians. We have helped thousands of physicians get visas, licenses, and privileges.

“We make all of this easy for doctors,” Black says. “There’s a fair amount of trepidation that comes with this type of work. Our job is to minimize those worries and provide an outstanding experience all the way through.”

4. We foster close, personalized relationships 

We are honest, transparent, and real about what to expect in an assignment so that physicians get a good match for their desires and needs and everyone is set up for success.

“The trust level to leave the country to go to New Zealand for a year is immense. We focus on the relationship and providing a good experience for physicians,” Black says.

Many physicians still call their GMS recruiters or text or send pictures months or years after an assignment. It’s because of the close bond formed before, during, and after an international assignment.

5. We offer both international and domestic assignments

GMS-employee-global-mapGlobal Medical is the only U.S.-based locums firm that focuses on both international and domestic locum tenens.

“The benefit to doctors is that we can offer long and shorter assignments, both domestically and internationally — and we can use that to help with the transitions to and from international assignments,” Black says. “For instance, we often have a physician who wants an international assignment and there may be lead time. In the short term, we can place the doctor in a short, domestic assignment. And then when you’re coming back from abroad, we can make sure you have a locums job while you look for a full-time placement.”

6.We offer a variety of assignments

“We’ve spread out the lengths and locations to give physicians a better offering of what works for them, even offering week-long assignments,” Black says. “The ability to provide a scope of options and opportunities within the same organization that these physicians already trust is unique. Many physicians will work with us in both domestic and international locations.”

7. We focus on the experience 

Our domestic placements allow physicians to put their medical skills to good use where most needed.

Our international assignments provide the opportunity to live like a local somewhere else — with generous vacation time provided for the longer (9-12 month) assignments.

“We tend to attract a different kind of physician than our competitors,” Black says. “For many of our physicians, it’s not just about the financial aspect of making money, it’s about their complete experience, from opportunities to travel to fully using their medical skills to bonding with their patients and the community.”

Black adds, “Global Medical will give you a locums experience unlike any other, with great, personalized service.”

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