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6 reasons we appreciate our locums doctors (in GIFs!)

Posted by Kari Redfield

At Global Medical, we appreciate our locums doctors for many reasons, but most of all because they are truly amazing people who also happen to be excellent physicians. Our physicians continue to wow us!

Here are the top six reasons why we appreciate our doctors.

1. They are dedicated to their patients — no matter what — even in challenging circumstances

“I appreciate my physicians because of their willingness to help in our government hospitals and clinics. For example, Dr. Wehrenberg had a pretty full schedule already covering for us in Barrow, Alaska, but found the time to help in Hawaii,” says Tami Reynolds of the Global Medical U.S. psychiatry team. “Our client was so grateful to have the additional help from such an experienced, kind, and compassionate psychiatrist. This was especially appreciated because they were having such a difficult time finding coverage with the volcano eruption on the island!”

Sydnee Shelton of the U.S. Hospitalist team, says: “I have worked with physicians who are willing to take their talents and knowledge to parts of the world where most people wouldn’t work, for minimal pay. I hope to be able to give back the way many locum tenens physicians do daily.”

2. They are amazing at what they do

“We truly could not do what we do without the amazing hearts of our locums physicians. I am personally honored and humbled to be working with our amazing physicians,” says Kylie Ainsworth of the U.S. Emergency Medicine Team.

Our physicians’ skills and compassion blow us away!

Explains Jill Van Milligen of the U.S. psychiatry team: “I am amazed by the work that Dr. Koyanagi and his team do in Hawaii. They forge relationships with the homeless with schizophrenia in order to help provide them with the medication that they need and to get them off the streets and into a stable life. I am so proud to know a doctor that works so hard for the people of Hawaii and that he wants to work with us!”

3. They are superheroes who save lives!

“The doctors who agree to work with us walk in the door every day to literally save lives and enhance the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of their patients,” says Lindsay Lyons of the U.S. psychiatry team.

Says Teneil Sundberg of the international psychiatry team: “One example is Dr. Hughes. He was working when Saipan experienced their typhoon. He remained calm, positive, and did the best he could for every patient he saw. Dr. Hughes also let a family come live with him the last four weeks of his assignment since their home was destroyed.”

4. They are passionate about medicine

One of our numerous examples comes from Cory Owens of the international psychiatry team, giving a shout out to Dr. Magliozzi. “He is a young and energetic psychiatrist who has been very excited about going to work in New Zealand. His passion with how he handles patient care and the time he puts in with them really stand out to me.”

5. They are adventurous

Dr. Carlson and her family have been in Wanganui, New Zealand, for about a year and are absolutely having the time of their life! They love to travel the islands, hike the trails, compete in marathons, swim in the rivers, etc. They take their teenage girls on every adventure with them,” says Alicia Call of the international GP/ER team. “This family is seriously the cutest and amazing! Watching their Facebook post and seeing the smiles on their faces makes my job worth it!”

6. They are fun to work with

Many of our reps rave about their friendship-level relationships with doctors.

“I appreciate my doctors for sticking with us, through the good and the bad. Preparing for an international assignment can be challenging but always worth it in the end. Dr. Kevin Arnold, for example, has a great sense of humor and has been more than willing to help when asked. He also went into detail on what doctors can expect while on locum tenens assignment in Guam in terms of how limited resources can be at times, helping me prepare doctors,” says Amy Duquette of the international GP/ER team.

Amy Green, of the U.S. hospitalist team, says, “I appreciate the open honest communication that I have with my doctors. I know what is happening in their lives and they know that I care about their successes, allowing me to work on their behalf and they trust me to help them find the best opportunities.”

Kipp Robinson of the U.S. hospitalist team says, “My docs give me perspective without judgment and have helped me with personal challenges outside of the work arena. Being able to have a trusting and honest relationship is hard to put a value on.”

So to our doctors, we say this, THANK YOU!

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