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It's a Wonderful Locum Life in Upstate New York

Posted by Saralynn White

The classic Holiday film, It's a Wonderful Life, is set in an imaginary town named Bedford Falls, but the "Capraesque" setting of Upstate New York is only too real. Here, scene after scene unfolds like a buoyantly-happy movie or illustrated storybook. Add its natural ties to the always-picturesque New England and no cinematic or literary depiction can do it justice. See for yourself.


On the shores of Lake Champlain lies the lovely and historic "burgh" of Plattsburgh, whose own city hall was designed by the same architect who designed the Jefferson Memorial - Mr. John Russell Pope. And when you find yourself singing We Three Kings this holiday season, you'll now know that the hymn's author, John Henry Hopkins, hails from here.


If you're more hip to 70's music, dig this: Peter Frampton recorded Do You Feel Like We Do for the 1975 album, Frampton Comes Alive, right here. Oh, baby I love your way. And when you're not lounging in a namesake chair in this water-lover's paradise on the Adirondack Coast, you can sail, fish, dive, or try your hand at the East's best inland windsurfing. Or satisfy the Cryptozoologist in you hunting for Champ.

The good folks of Lake Champlain don't give a wit about the Lochness Monster, because on these shores they have their own mythical wonder. Champ is a water-dinosaur-like-creature with a serpentine neck, small head, long tail, humped back and (it's rumored) funny flippers for feet. Really.

If you're interested in a locum assignment here but aren't licensed in New York, our recruiters can handle that - then get you merrily on your way Upstate. Oh, and if you're wondering if there's a Downstate NY, why yes, Virginia, there is. But its boundaries are nearly as mythical as Champ.

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