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Australia's Red Center: Where fly netting is fashionable, women ride camels & the stars are otherworldly

Posted by Saralynn White

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We finally realized our dream to travel to the Red Center of Australia known as Uluru-Kata Tjuta! These 600 million year old monolithic rock formations hold both a magical and spiritual connection for indigenous people and tourists around the world (see more here).

Wearing Netting at UluruYes, we took and wore our fly netting and made it around the 10K trail walking, and at times, dragging our feet! We also enjoyed an evening dinner in the desert - where all light was extinguished and constellations burst forth. Perhaps you know the stars are different down under. The "Southern Cross" is the most famous. A camel ride was Camel ride near Uluru, Australiatop on my list and followed by time in the swimming pools at the resort. One million wild camels now run wild in the bush. We learned more about the Aboriginal culture and bought a desert dot painting, our second. The Aboriginals have lived here for over 10,000 years! (See more art, and buy your own here and here).

Temperatures have settled down to 80 and very pleasant. Folks thinking about visiting, make your plans!

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Dr. Kathy Starkey, an OB/GYN, and her partner, Molly Evans, have wanderlust in their veins. Now on her 4th assignment for Global Medical - and with everything in place for her 5th - Dr. Starkey says she decided to begin a new career as a locum physician to "see the world" and rejuvenate her career in obstetrics, which she loves. She'd been practicing as a gynecologist in Auburn, New York when she had the revelation, brushed up on her OB and left to begin her travels as she worked. Her locum adventures have taken her to New Zealand's North Island, the Caymans, Western Australia (twice) and soon the Kiwi South Island. Watch here for more of Dr. Starkey and Molly's amazing tales about Down Under and beyond.


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