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Where Mother Nature sings the blues in color

Posted by Saralynn White

Written by Joyce Ann Pardue, MD  

Don't know that you will be able to appreciate this lovely little South Pacific Island [New Zealand] from such a sketchy report but maybe it will whet your appetite to put it on your future destinations list.

new zealand doubtless bay 123rfnew zealand flowers and lake 123rf

When Mother Nature sings the "BLUES" it is about COLOR! Every hue ever dreamed, created, manufactured or concocted has been used generously. Imagine clear, sparkling azure in a waterfall, seas from the deepest, darkest sapphire to a grand array of blue-greens and rivers and lakes reflecting the many shades of turquoise. Oh, but these beautiful blues aren't confined to the waters - they are found in the skies, the flowers and even in the little glowworms.

Likewise, the GREENS, which range from the soft, light and delicate green of new growth to the deepest, most intense shades of evergreens. Mosses that look like vibrant velvet. Even chartreuse is "pretty" and/or more appealing when referred to as "kiwi green". Sunlight itself, when filtered through the canopy of a rainforest, glows green.

new zealand mossy lake 123rfnew zealand mossy river 123rf

FRAGRANT FORESTS - how does one describe fragrances? Fresh. Sweet. Clean. Can't describe fragrances adequately, but the sweet, fresh air was something I was often aware of as we hiked - or even as we strolled in our neighborhood.

Perhaps this gives you some idea of why I love New Zealand. It is beautiful, clean, safe and filled with wonders...

Dr. Joyce Ann Pardue is a Psychiatrist from Pasadena, Texas, USA, who has worked as a Global Medical locum tenens in her much-loved New Zealand, as well as Australia. Her self-proclaimed "sketchy reports" have inspired other physicians and their families to follow in her footsteps down under. Watch right here for more of her communiqués.

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