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The daily concert outside my window

Posted by Saralynn White

Written by Elma Johnson, MD 

australia tasmania park 123rfTo say that I have itchy feet is an understatement as travel has always been my biggest hobby. Growing up in the Caribbean, I have always had a strong curiosity about different countries and cultures. Living in New York for the past 20 years has further fueled my curiosity. Australia just happened to be one of those countries that grabbed my interest.

Living on the coast reminded me of being in the Caribbean; beautiful scenery - with ocean on one side and mountains on the other. The people were very nice, met some global travelers like myself and was made to feel welcome and at home. Australia is amazing, a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Speaking of which, I was constantly amused by the craziest and funniest bird sounds that I have ever heard. There was a daily concert outside of my window.

bird-on-stick-australiaMy hospital was approx 45 minutes from Brisbane, which was perfect for me. It was fairly busy with lots of good medical cases. There was quite a bit of minor trauma with a few major trauma cases and my training in NY more than prepared me for this. I also learned a few things while there so it was a very good exchange. The workload was definitely manageable as I was coming from a very busy urban hospital.

My experience in Australia both as a physician and traveler was one of the best that I have ever had. Will I consider returning? Absolutely. I'm planning on it. I now keep telling some of my colleagues that a sabbatical down under is something that they need to do at least once.

Elma Johnson, MD is an Emergency Physician from Brooklyn, New York, USA, whose itchy feet never let up. Expect to see more dispatches from her locum travels right here.

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